Author: Maya Churi

Maya Churi is a writer and filmmaker. She is currently working on a web narrative about a gated community in Texas.

Articles Written by Maya Churi:

Capturing The Friedmans Online

Almost every film that is released these days has its own website. Filmmak-ers, distributors, and studios have all learned the promotional value of the web when it comes to getting their films out into the world. One can go to a film’s site and view trailers, read the credits, the reviews, and experience the “hype.”… Read more »

Site Seeing

While cleaning out my attic in 1998 I had an idea for a short film. I found a box of notes I had passed back and forth with my high school friends. Aside from bringing back a flood of memories, I found many to be extremely intimate, present-day windows into the lives of adolescent girls,… Read more »

New Paths in Storytelling:

When you begin reading a book, it is a given that if you start on page one and read each successive page you will eventually get to the end of the story. The same goes for watching a film or a play. We sit. We watch. We leave. From childhood we are trained that there… Read more »


In the past, documentary filmmakers making issue-oriented films that promoted social change had to pound the pavement to pull together activists, educators, and the average moviegoer, as well as tell an engaging story. But the web changed all that. A filmmaker can now reach a wide audience, provide a forum for discussion, direct viewers to… Read more »

Minute By

For many filmmakers a medium where sound doesn’t synch well, cuts and dissolves are lost on a small screen, and viewers have to wait and wait for the film to download is a medium in which the limitations outweigh the benefits. But for media-makers who are experimenting and taking advantage of the ever-changing technology, web… Read more »