Author: Nick Schager

NICK SCHAGER is a freelance journalist and film critic whose writing has appeared in The Village Voice, Complex magazine, Slant magazine, and other print and online publications. He recently received a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University, and his work can be found at

Articles Written by Nick Schager:

The Short Story at Sundance

Watching 2,000 short films in four months isn’t something you take on in your free time. It requires a finely honed system. For Roberta Munroe, one of the Sundance Film Festival’s two short film programmers, that system resembles an assembly line of video playback equipment. Since 2001, Munroe has spent an enormous chunk of her… Read more »

What a Long, Freaky Head-Trip It’s Been

“Get on the ground, motherfuckers,” declares Wayne Coyne, directing two somewhat confused kids to lie on their chests in the dingy kitchen of a Vietnamese noodle bar. The lead singer for psychedelic post-punk rock band The Flaming Lips, Coyne isn’t perpetrating a hold-up but is reenacting a 1977 gunpoint robbery he experienced while employed at… Read more »