Author: Rick Harrison

Rick Harrison is a graduate journalism student at New York University an an editorial associate at The Independent. His work has appeared in Newsday, Our Town, and The West Side Spirit.

Articles Written by Rick Harrison:

The Many Shades of Ira Sachs

Ira Sachs won’t let me watch him bum cigarettes. We’ve spoken for hours—about what it was like to grow up gay and Jewish in Memphis, the benefits of 15 years with the same therapist, and how it feels to have his 68-year-old father date 20-year-old women. Sachs, eager for a smoke before noon, also shamelessly… Read more »

Back to Feature

A long time ago, in a film school far, far away (from NYU), a young man with big dreams and a small bank account made a short film with a long title. His name was George. And in 1970, between graduating USC’s School of Cinema and pursuing a master’s, George made the student award-winning Electronic… Read more »

The Miller’s Daughter

Rebecca Miller needs to recharge. Well, her phone at least. Plugged into an ancient socket behind me and perched on a café table supporting a plate of hummus and a soy-milk coffee, the little bugger buzzes in its charger twice, prompting Miller to twice interrupt an already brief conversation with whispered instructions to her husband—concerning… Read more »

Spice Market

I am white and alone in a darkened room at night with over four hundred Dominicans in New York City. It is a room full of laughter. A room full of stereotypes embraced and shattered. And a room every American should experience in one way or another. Oscar Herasme, president of the Dominican American Professional… Read more »

Virgin’s Mother Earth

Sophia, three years old, a moppet sprouting wavy dark brown hair, tall as my leg, naked, and tired of her eel avocado hand roll, whines to her mother. “Booty. I want booty.” “Booty later,” says Deborah Kampmeier, auteur and Sophia’s mother (in no particular order). But despite her mother’s assuring, empathic tone, the child insists…. Read more »