Author: Rob Nelson

Rob Nelson is the film editor at City Pages in Minneapolis.

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Winning the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance for his hugely entertaining documentary American Movie doesn’t seem to have changed Chris Smith–or his reputation as a Very Nice Guy From the Midwest. Case in point: Smith’s FedEx package to this Milwaukee-bound interviewer includes a hand-drawn map on an index card marking "Lake Michigan" (complete with squiggly… Read more »

Mark Borchardt: The (Other) Indie Prototype

During the Q&A after the first screening of American Movie at Sundance, director Chris Smith hailed his subject Mark Borchardt as "the ideal independent filmmaker"–which, in many ways, he is. For one thing, it was Borchardt’s incomparable DIY persistence (rather than Smith’s reputation) that allowed his 40-minute, $13,000 horror flick Coven to earn a coveted… Read more »