Author: Rusty Nails

Rusty Nails is a filmmaker, actor, teacher, writer, and the director of the Movieside Film Festival. In addition to his feature film Acne, he is collecting 13 of his short films for an upcoming DVD release. He is currently in post-production of Highway Robbery, a documentary abouts the taking of a 65-year-old blind veteran’s property via eminent domain. He has written for Venus, Bridge Magazine, Stop Smiling, and

Articles Written by Rusty Nails:

The State of Short Films

Cinema was born as a short form. Most early films were mere seconds long. Throughout the history of celluloid, countless great filmmakers have worked in the short format, and in many cases it is the medium that gives film and video-makers their best shot at creative freedom. One of my personal all-time favorite short films… Read more »