Author: Aliya Biren

Aliya Biren

Aliya Biren is a junior undergrad publishing student who just started her masters program at Emerson College. She grew up in LA and spent some time in Utah before moving to Boston to start her schooling and career. She works as the Assistant Managing Editor and Social Media Manager for The Independent. Her free time is spent working out at the gym and reading an abundance of romance novels. 

Articles Written by Aliya Biren:

Ashland Film Festival Poster

Ashland Film Festival: 20th Year in Independent Film

Since 2001, Ashland Independent film festival has brought us new and exciting independent films every year. Last year they changed everything to an online platform, refusing to give up on their indie films.  They have created another virtual film festival, similar to last years, but with the addition of live outdoor events a couple of… Read more »