ALLEN SALKIN is the author of Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us. Known for his ability to “find the sociology in anything,” he has written for the New York Times, The Atlantic Monthly, Details, Heeb and Yoga Journal about robot dogs, waterbeds, judicial corruption, dicey golf course projects, guilt and air-conditioning. More info at

Articles Written by ALLEN SALKI:

I Blog….Therefore I Am

Freak boy and Festivus poles. Gutted tuna auctioned in Tokyo. And Thanos-the-PR-man singing “Feelings” at karaoke. Whoa-oh-oh. I’m a blogger, but the existence of blogs isn’t news. What Freak Boy (a home-movie role I have twice played) wants you to know is how the use of iMovie, Apple Computer’s low-end, low-cost movie editing software for… Read more »