Author: Amanda Axelson

Amanda Axelson is a writer and teacher living in Los Angeles.

Articles Written by Amanda Axelson:

After the Oscar: An Interview with Cynthia Wade

As a sophomore at Smith College, Cynthia Wade found herself witness to a small scandal: a friend discovered she was pregnant and decided leave college, marry her boyfriend and have her child, going against the feminist attitude many of her classmates held. So, in true documentarian form, Wade’s first instinct was to get it on… Read more »

Living with a Mutation

It’s hard enough being a single woman dating in your early thirties. But, imagine having to tell the person you’re dating that you carry the gene mutation for cancer, and will eventually need to remove your ovaries and possibly breasts. Now, imagine having to tell that person you’re delaying the process because you’re waiting to… Read more »

Quest for Truth

Rory Kennedy didn’t always know she wanted to be a filmmaker, but she did see herself as a political activist. As the daughter of former U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy, politics run strong in her blood. In wanting to make an impact on people’s lives, she gravitated towards film as a means of educating herself… Read more »