Author: Cauleen Smith

Cauleen Smith is a filmmaker currently living in Austin, Texas, for the sole purpose of teaching and making more experimental films. Se also makes narrative features. Her current academic project is a DVD collection featuring film and video makers of the past and present. If this article pissed anyone off and they want to continue the discussion, she can be reached at

Articles Written by Cauleen Smith:

Counter-Currents and the Joy Quotient

The label “experimental” has been troubling me for a while now. For too many people, the word only conjures up the films of Brakhage, Mekas, Anger, etc. So much so that the very term has calcified within the minds of hipsters and film aficionados alike—ending the canon in the seventies. Today the notion of producing… Read more »


It began almost a lark. Tired of the routines of the filmmaking process four Danish directors decided to set themselves a challenge. "We talked about all that bored us in filmaking, all that we normally do–and then we forbade it. It was liberating," recalls 29-year-old director Thomas Vinterberg, one of the authors of what’s grandiosely… Read more »