Author: Fernando Ramirez, Esq.

FERNANDO RAMIREZ, ESQ. is an attorney in private practice in New York City, where he lives with his wife and 12-year-old son/aspiring doc-maker. He graduated from Fordham University and earned his law degree from Brooklyn Law School. His work involves transactional entertainment law. He drafts, reviews, and negotiates industry agreements, and he advises on copyright, trademark, contracts, privacy, and business formation matters for independent filmmakers, executive producers, media personalities, songwriters, personal managers, independent labels, and nonprofit film organizations.

Articles Written by Fernando Ramirez, Esq.:

The Many Meanings of “Fair Use”

So your documentary has commercial interest and high revenue earning potential. And you’ve secured all of the agreements, releases, and licenses for the film, except for one piece of vintage footage that’s not quite in the public domain (material which can be used freely by anyone because it was created before 1923), but it’s “pretty… Read more »

Legal: Pay Per View or Mobile Phone

Every time a new type of technology is developed in the entertainment industry, including in motion pictures, issues arise regarding whether use of that new technology was intended in the original agreement or license. When does an agreement or a license granting a company rights to a copyrighted work, include uses not yet discovered? The… Read more »

What Rolled Up Must Come Down

Written by? Created by? Screenplay by? Screen credit can define a writer’s career—in fact, the exact words that rolled up the screen after his/her last project often determines a writer’s next gig and salary. Given the time and high stakes involved in writing for film and television, especially when little compensation is involved, credit becomes… Read more »

Acing the Deal

Distribution. The Deal. That’s the goal of any independent producer after finishing production within budget and on schedule. Ideally, a filmmaker would want to have the film or program distributed by a single company with a reputable track record that would handle distribution in every market. However, although major distribution companies deal in both the… Read more »