Author: Sean Fitzell

Sean Fitzell is a graduate student at NYU’s school of journalism.

Articles Written by Sean Fitzell:

Playing Niche

Securing funds as an independent producer is often the most difficult and crucial aspect of successfully completing your vision. Money from the government, non-profits, corporations, private foundations, and individuals is out there for film and video projects. But most funding sources have a particular interest and seek projects closely aligned with that interest. Knowing this… Read more »

Jack Cahill & David Eberhardt

First-time documentary filmmaker Jack Cahill still remembers learning hobo sign language from his third grade teacher. What seemed superfluous at the time, Cahill put to good use during his seven years hopping freight trains with collaborator David Eberhardt to film the documentary Long Gone, which chronicles the lifestyle of modern hobos. Shot in cinema verite… Read more »