Something Old, Something New: Archival Research Online


In the olden days (three or four years ago) producers in search of film footage of a particular subject–say, Alfred Hitchcock–would call a series of archives to find out if they had any. If so, the producer/researcher would go to the archive to look through hours of videotape. If the project was about, say, the… Read more »



Between the impeachment proceedings in Washington and the bombing runs over Iraq, the mid-December release of a final report by the Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligations of Digital Television Broadcasters didn’t stand much of a chance. Even on a slow news day, this was not the kind of material to create much of a… Read more »

Sundance in Primetime


After three years of operation, the Sundance Channel seems finally to have found its voice and in the process become a haven for risk-taking filmmakers who often don’t have anywhere else to go. In recent months, the Sundance Channel has spotlighted a diverse group of works from filmmakers like Cheryl Dunye, an African American lesbian… Read more »