Filmakers surrounding a fire pit at IVTFest

ITVFest 2015: A Dose of New Hollywood in Vermont


ITVFest’s executive director Philip Gilpin thinks the peaceful Vermont location adds an invaluable dimension to the festival focused on Internet entertainment. Plus, he said that when execs are shocked by the line-up because “what they’re seeing is better than what they are watching most nights on TV. A lot of these projects are screen ready.”

Flaherty Past and Present


For almost half a century, 100 people who work in the independent media world, from academics to underground filmmakers, have gathered each year to passionately discuss and often argue about cinema in all its forms at the Robert Flaherty Seminar. The seminar eschews film festival markets, film school academicism, production training instrumentality, art cinema elitist… Read more »

Distributor FAQ: Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre


What is the Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre (CFMDC)? The CFMDC is Canada’s oldest artist-run organization and it helps give underground and independent filmmakers a greater profile through exhibitions. It also helps to generate revenue through distribution for them. Do you only distribute the work of Canadians? Not at all. Predominantly, the 1,600 film title collection… Read more »