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Bright Minds at Bright Lights: An Interview with Bright Lights Film Curator and Exhibitor Anna Feder


Most Emerson students see the Bright Lights Series newsletters in their email inboxes every week, but many do not know about the time, effort, and care that goes into curating and showing these films. The Bright Lights Film Series is a weekly screening series at the Bright Family Screening Room, run by ArtsEmerson and sponsored by the Visual Media Arts department. Emerson’s Head of Film Exhibition and Festival Programs, Anna Feder, is the mastermind behind the screening series and serves as its curator and exhibitor. Read More >>

683 Days Dark: Emerson’s Bright Lights Series returns to in-person screenings for Spring 2022 season


“We come to this place for magic” That’s right. Emerson College’s Bright Theater. Almost 700 days after their Spring 2020 season was cancelled due to COVID lockdowns, the Bright Lights Series has returned to in-person screenings. Free and open to the public, Emerson’s Bright Lights screenings showcase weekly independent films from around the world. Following… Read more »