Author: Gabriela Portugal

Gabriela Portugal

Gabriela Portugal is the Review section editor, design editor, and writer for The Independent. As a Writing, Literature and Publishing major, she uses her skills and passion to contribute to The Independent as well as Affection Magazine, Your Magazine and Arts Management Magazine. After completing her education in Boston, Gabriela plans on moving back to her home turf, New York City, to pursue her career in publishing.

Articles Written by Gabriela Portugal:

Titane: Murder, Cars and Daddy Issues

Director Julia Ducournau once again manages to create a grotesque whirlwind of a story with her new film “Titane.” After being featured in the Cannes International Film Festival and receiving the notorious Palm d’Or for 2021, it finally premiered in the U.S. on October 1st. Ducournau did not only shoot a well-crafted movie but used… Read more »

“Lamb”: Are You a Lamb, a Human, or Both

“Lamb,” A24’s newest film, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this past July and debuted in the U.S. on October 8. Written by Valdimar Jóhannsson, an Icelandic filmmaker, and Sjón, an Icelandic lyricist and writer, this film marks Jóhannsson’s feature-length directorial debut. Jóhannsson sticks to his roots, the plot, characters and cinematography of “Lamb” revolve… Read more »