Author: Gloria Muñoz

Gloria Muñoz

Gloria Muñoz is the author of Your Biome has Found You and a co-founder of Pitch Her Productions, a nonprofit production company dedicated to the advancement of women in film. Her writing has appeared in Best New Poets, Acentos Review, Sarah Lawrence Review, Forage Poetry, The Brooklyn Review, Entropy, and Going Om, among others. Gloria teaches creative writing at Eckerd College. Learn more at

Articles Written by Gloria Muñoz:

All-Female Production Company Offers Tips for Emerging Filmmakers

Watching other people on their phones has become a basic part of people watching. Earlier this year, in Iceland, I watched a young couple almost slip off a cliff taking a selfie in front of a waterfall. We’ve all seen people sharing meals while barely interacting or walking into an intersection with eyes tethered to… Read more »