Author: Jared M. Gordon

Jared M. Gordon has multiple production credits and teaches screenwriting and film production at Emerson College and Salem State University. He provides script coverage at

Articles Written by Jared M. Gordon:

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Tales from the “Screenwriter’s Festival”

The Austin Film Festival and Conference was held this past month in sunny, hip, Austin, Texas. It was my first time at the festival, and it was a thrill. Thinking of going? I hope you like barbecue. First off, the festival had booked a phenomenal set of panelists. Quite often, there’d be up to a… Read more »

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Outsider Writers: Four Not-in-LA Grad Programs in Screenwriting

You don’t have to spend your whole savings and attend a graduate program in Los Angeles or New York to learn screenwriting. In fact, could a program, unshackled from geographic proximity to Hollywood, actually be a unique and advantageous experience for its students? The programs at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, Hollins University in Virginia,… Read more »