Author: Sophie Casarico

Sophie Casarico

Sophie Casarico is a fiction writer from St. Augustine, Florida. She is currently in her second year in the MFA Creative Writing program at Emerson College, and is an aspiring novelist and screenwriter. Her favorite filmmakers are Wes Anderson, Alfred Hitchcock, and Anna Biller.

Articles Written by Sophie Casarico:

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Reconsidering Andrea Dworkin’s Legacy in “My Name is Andrea”

It is early in director Pratibha Parmar’s “My Name is Andrea” when its subject comes alive in brilliant, flaming righteousness. In 1963, a young Andrea Dworkin, known as “Poet,” played in this scene by French singer-songwriter Soko, watches footage on television of Thích Quảng Đức, a Buddhist monk, setting himself on fire in protest on… Read more »