Author: Xinyan Fu

Xinyan Fu

Xinyan is the current Managing Editor for The Independent. She grew up in a Hakka household in Xiamen, China, and moved to Boston for college in 2018. Today, Xinyan is a senior journalism major at Emerson College with a focus on magazine writing and multimedia news production. She is also minored in publishing and women, gender, and sexuality studies. She loves horror movies and her favorite movie is The Conjuring. You can easily catch her bingeing Criminal Minds when she is not working.

Articles Written by Xinyan Fu:

Interview: Arthur Jones and the Untold Story of Titanic

What happened to the six Chinese survivors of the RMS Titanic? As we approach the shipwreck’s 110 year anniversary, British filmmaker Arthur Jones tries to discover the stories of the six passengers who disappeared after the 1912 tragedy.  “The Six” is a documentary about the Chinese passengers on the Titanic. For a century, these survivors… Read more »

“The Six”: an Untold Story of Titanic’s Chinese Survivors

As a romance classic, “Titanic” broke many cinematic records and won 11 Oscars, setting unrealistic relationship expectations for a generation across the globe. The film’s touching finale is probably one of the most famous scenes, as Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) slowly sinks into the ice-cold water while Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) desperately waits for… Read more »

No Ghost Land: Chinese Horror Growing Under Strict Censorship

It feels like just yesterday when Kai Ma heard his name during the award ceremony of the 10th FIRST International Film Festival four years ago. The first word that caught his attention was “mockumentary,” and then the audience called out the name of his movie.  “The Possessed! The Possessed! The Possessed!”   Like waves flapping the… Read more »

Boston Asian American Film Festival

New England’s largest Asian American film festival kicks off its five-day screening sessions on October 20. The 13th Boston Asian American Film Festival (BAAFF) is completely virtual this year and allows its audience to view the movies within a designated viewing window from October 20 to October 24.  The event includes five short programs and… Read more »