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10 to Watch: 2018 Nominating Jury


For 10 years now The Independent has been tooting the horn for indie filmmakers everywhere with our annual 10 to Watch. Read on about how to help us in our 10 for 10 year by nominating a filmmaker. We want to hear the stories of characters who often hide in the shadows of cinema. We will post our list this spring.

Filmmakers and Their Global Lens: Kate Chevigny & Ross Kauffman


For this edition of Filmmakers and Their Global Lens, The Independent’s special contributor Dana Knight speaks with the filmmaking duo behind E-Team. Knight initially spoke with Kate Chevigny and Ross Kauffman in New York City at the end of October. Dana Knight (DK): How did this project come about and who initiated it? Katy Chevigny: Ross and… Read more »

The State of Short Films


Cinema was born as a short form. Most early films were mere seconds long. Throughout the history of celluloid, countless great filmmakers have worked in the short format, and in many cases it is the medium that gives film and video-makers their best shot at creative freedom. One of my personal all-time favorite short films… Read more »