Author: Anthony Duval

Anthony joined The Independent as a staff writer in 2023. He is a part of Emerson’s Publishing and Writing M.A. Program.

Articles Written by Anthony Duval:

Twenty Years Later, “The Station Agent” Eases our Post-Pandemic Blues

What would a person do when they encounter ignorance and discrimination in today’s post-pandemic world? For Finbar “Fin” McBridge, Peter Dinklage’s character in “The Station Agent,” the answer is isolating yourself in the comfortable world of trains. Fin is a quiet bachelor with dwarfism living in Hoboken, New Jersey. He works away from the public… Read more »

“Trenque Lauquen” wins four awards at the 20th International Cinephile Society

“Trenque Lauquen,” a four-hour film saga spun together with love, mystery, and strange discoveries, won four awards at the 20th International Cinephile Society. The film won the categories for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Ensemble, and Best Original Screenplay. For those unfamiliar, the International Cinephile Society is an online group of 150 recognized film journalists,… Read more »