Author: Claire Fairtlough

Articles Written by Claire Fairtlough:

In Conversation With: Lee Chia-Hua

The Independent’s Claire Fairtlough interviewed director Lee Chia-Hua about his documentary, “Me and My Condemned Son.” The documentary focuses on three prisoners in Taiwan who have been sentenced to death: one who is still serving his sentence, one who has taken his own life, and one who has already been executed. The documentary follows these… Read more »

I Didn’t Really Get ‘Tár’

We begin with Lydia Tár visibly anxious. She’s rubbing her hands together, taking shuddering breaths, and swallowing some unnamed pills from her young assistant. She’s nervous about something, though we don’t know what quite yet. Then, she’s introduced to the audience by “New Yorker” writer Adam Gopnik, who plays himself. He interviews Tár, played by… Read more »

In Conversation with: Wang Shaudi and Ke-hsin Chang

Director Wang Shaudi has produced films, shows, documentaries, and one animated film throughout her career. Her films “Scarecrow” and “Banana Paradise” have been recognized internationally, along with her award-winning film “Grandma and Her Ghosts,” which was screened at Boston’s Taiwanese Film Festival (TFF).      “Grandma and Her Ghosts” focuses on a young boy named… Read more »

Taiwan Film Festival of Boston: Crack and Light

The fourth Boston Taiwanese Film Festival took place on October 1 and 2 at the AMC Boston Common 19.  The Taiwanese Film Festival is a non-profit organization aimed at connecting Taiwan to the rest of the world through showcasing stories centered around growth, identity, discovery, and adventure, according to the festival’s website.  Through the festival,… Read more »

ICIA’s Submission Window Nearing a Close

    The International Competition for Intermedia Work of Art (ICIA), is nearing the end of their open call for intermedia artwork. The deadline for submissions is Sept. 30. According to the website, the aim of the competition is “to select works that open a discussion about the criteria for comparing and evaluating intermedia artworks,… Read more »