Author: Lou Balikos

Lou Balikos is an editor and writer for The Independent. In addition to finishing up their graduate studies at Emerson College, they find meaning in working with their local community and advocating for equitable futures in publishing.

Articles Written by Lou Balikos:

Young girl sits outside, sad.

The Female Gaze: Framing Trauma in Fairchild

Fairchild (2020) opens with a scene of camp kids crowded around their male counselor as he demonstrates the proper way to gut and clean a fish. “Now what you’re going to do is place your hand firmly on the belly area-” his instructions overlap as teenagers dare each other to force two dead fish to kiss…. Read more »

Woman in dress standing.

Announcing the 2021 Berlin Film Festival Winners

The 71st Berlinale Film Festival just announced its 2021 winners. The event, which has been around since the Cold War, has developed a brand new online format for its public and global audiences to tune into since COVID-19 has forced industry coordinators to reimagine their usual event presentation. The decision to split the festival into… Read more »