Author: Ziqi Wang

Ziqi Wang

Ziqi Wang is a senior journalism student studying at Emerson College. With a Korean American boyfriend who is studying Visual Media Arts, she really has seen most of the new movies out there since coming to the U.S. in 2017, as well as many classical. However, she is also keen on introducing her American raised boyfriend to more international films, especially those from East Asia. She believes that these films should takes up more spaces in Western movie theaters, and audiences really need to pay more attention to them so they can see proper representation of these cultures. She hasn’t been home for over a year, and really misses her big fluffy white cat Kudou, which means pants pockets in Chinese.

Articles Written by Ziqi Wang:

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Making Dreams Real

French digital artist Pierre “Pyaré” Friquet and his filming partner Ando Shah were wrapping up their first narrative virtual reality (VR) narrative film project Jet Lag in Mumbai when they felt the high-rise building beneath their feet start to tremble. It was 2014, and they were 2000 miles away from the Nepal earthquake epicenter. They… Read more »

China’s Golden Week Holiday Offered Viewers a Reason to Return to the Cinema

As China gains control over the Coronavirus and some aspects of life return to normal, the country celebrated a rare double-holiday when the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, which is set based on the lunar calendar, coincided with this year’s National Day on Oct. 1. This elongated the national holiday known as Golden Week and it was… Read more »