Brave New World: Possibilities for Diversity in VR Technology


As virtual reality develops into a viable technology for immersive storytelling, today’s filmmakers are witnessing the birth of a new, perhaps more inclusive, form of cinema. Reporting on VR from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, Rebecca M. Alvin, explores how the doors are open for a much more diverse group of creators and a wider range of stories to tell.

Adrienne Barbeau at the Coolridge Corner Theatre.

The Fog Rolls into Boston


This fall, the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, Massachusetts ran a retrospective of Adrienne Barbeau’s major cult films. Mike Sullivan attended the final event—a screening of The Fog and presentation of the Coolidge Corner Theatre’s “After Midnite Award” to Barbeau. Sullivan spoke briefly with Barbeau just before the screening and also attended the robust Q&A.

Daniel Lombroso: Profile of a D.C. Filmmaker


Mike Sullivan profiles Washington D.C. Filmmaker Daniel Lombroso on his path toward becoming a documentarian. Lombroso recounts the making of several documentaries including 2014’s Mountain of Servants and his most recent film, Church Militant: A Right Wing Empire in the Making. Lombroso is an Associate Video Producer for Atlantic Studios, the video division of The Atlantic magazine.

Confessions of a Failed Screenwriter


Editor’s note: Our friend Randy Steinberg sent along an essay he originally wrote for Scriptshadow and we asked if we could re-publish. He said yes. Author’s note: Throughout this essay, when I refer to screenwriting it should be meant to understand I am discussing theatrical film writing as opposed to television writing. I received a… Read more »

Small child standing in water

SXSW 2013: Next Tech and Young Actors Rule


For many, what makes SXSW unique is the way the festival is a collision of technology, music, and film. For nine days, the sometimes disparate worlds of techies, filmmakers, and musicians warily rub elbows and in some cases combine into a potent stew of innovation and creativity. This isn’t a heavy handed gimmick of the… Read more »

Whose Hugo?


David Pierotti writes an ode to the book “The Epicure’s Lament” by Kate Christensen, where he talks to Christensen and goes into the movie adaption of the book and how the book is connected to his own life.

Film Journal: Navigating the Uncertainty of Post-Production


In my last film journal, I talked about the production of my feature independent film, Losing Control, a quirky, romantic comedy about a female scientist who wants proof that her boyfriend is “the one.” I discussed the trials of production—locations falling through, lack of sleep, and stretching an already thin budget with an overly ambitious… Read more »