The Michael Myers Impact


Lauren Bjella analyzes the “Halloween” franchise and its impact starting as an independent film, with the 40th anniversary of “Halloween II” (1981).

Two men sit on a couch.

Beat the Algorithm: Top Five Hidden Gems on Netflix


Sifting through the glut of content available on streaming services can sometimes feel like more work than it’s worth. Algorithms that supposedly know your tastes better than yourself present wave after wave of movies and series spanning all genres and eras. Even the most focused browsers can find themselves lost in the weeds. Netflix is… Read more »

Young girl sits outside, sad.

The Female Gaze: Framing Trauma in Fairchild


In the second installment of The Female Gaze series, Lou Balikos provides a thought-provoking examination of filmmaker Kali Kahn’s debut short film, Fairchild, a narrative that follows a young girl as she grapples with the traumatic effects of her sexual assault. 

Two shots of Fox Rich from the movie Time

New York Film Festival – Critic’s Choices


2020 New York Film Festival – For the first time in its 58 year history, Manhattan’s NYFF wasn’t shown in its  Lincoln Center home.  Senior Film Critic Kurt Brokaw watched it all online, reviewing his favorite narrative dramas, documentary features, and outstanding shorts.

Photos of the main actors from the series, These Them

The Gay Agenda is Alive and Well: These Thems


“Look at all these…thems, shes, hes, zirs…” Vero says, leaning against the bar, as the smile of a proud parent reaches across their face. This scene ends with a powerful, incredibly joyful, dance montage overlayed with the Hallway Swimmers’ Night Out, “We are the lucky ones; we have already won. We are together now. Can’t… Read more »