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Tribeca 2010: Michael Creagh on “The Crush”


As an “ad man by day,” filmmaker Michael Creagh had been “tinkering with ideas and scripts” for several years before acting on his dream. His debut film The Crush tells the story of an eight-year-old boy (played deftly by Creagh’s son) in love with his teacher. When the boy’s gift of a toy ring is… Read more »

Werner Herzog Made Me Do It


Stuck in a dead-end job and worried he’d never make it as a filmmaker, Lee Kazimir decided to take Werner Herzog’s advice. Legendary filmmaker Herzog had once said in an interview that he believed the best way to become a filmmaker would be not to practice filmmaking but to walk — say, from Madrid to… Read more »

Film Festivals: Arte


Since its first broadcast in 1992, Arte has become the most innovative television programmer in Europe. Its attraction is due to a creative programming philosophy unhampered by commercial considerations. Apparently simple issues are presented in depth from original perspectives and, conversely, complex matters are made comprehensible without undue simplification. Arte funding is one of the… Read more »