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New York African Film Festival Looks Towards Visions of Freedom

Film at Lincoln Center  and African Film Festival, Inc. will celebrate the 29th New York African Film Festival (NYAFF) at FLC from May 12 to 17 in FLC theaters and select virtual screenings. The films reflect the theme of “Visions of Freedom” and presen diverse and interconnected notions of freedom pertinent to Africa, the diaspora,… Read more »

Three filmmakers

10 To Watch Filmmakers in 2018: Gabriel Silverman, and Fiona Dawson, and Jamie Coughlin

Being that filmmaking is highly collaborative work, this year we are including the production team of the TransMilitary on our 2018 10 to watch list. Gabriel Silverman (writer/director), Fiona Dawson (co-director), and Jamie Coughlin (writer/producer) produced TransMilitary. They blended their backgrounds in journalism and advocacy to shed light on trans people serving in the military. TransMilitary… Read more »

New Horizons of Virtual Reality: Exploring Utopia Through the Evolution of Second Life

Annie Berman is a media artist living and working in New York City. Her background in photography and psychology inspires work about visual culture, virtual realities, and the changing media landscape. Her films, videos, performances, and installations have shown internationally in galleries, festivals, universities, and conferences including the Museum of Modern Art’s Doc Fortnight, Rooftop… Read more »

New Documentary on Historic “Rumble in the Jungle” Boxing Match

Dr. Gnimbin A. Ouattara is a Fulbright scholar from Côte d’Ivoire. He received his PhD in African Political History in 2007 from Georgia State University and is currently Associate Professor of History and International Studies at Brenau University in Gainesville, Georgia. His work compares Cherokee and West African “civilizing projects” within a framework of the… Read more »

First Time Feature Film Director Discusses Success with Kaufman’s Game

Kaufman’s Game is a full-length film written and directed by Helier Bissell-Thomas. It follows Stanley, an unemployed young man with a passion for boxing, who becomes drawn into the violent operations of a powerful organization. This is a film about influence, determination and self-destruction. The Independent caught up with Helier Bissell-Thomas to discuss the film’s… Read more »

Ricardo Bouyett's "No Love For Fuckboys" promotional image.

On Art and Healing

Ricardo Bouyett is a filmmaker, writer, and photographer from Aurora, Illinois. His most recent work, No Love For Fuckboys, is an exploration, at once personal and more broadly social, of the intricacies of navigating dating, friendship, love, and desire after the trauma of sexual assault. The Independent reached out to Ricardo about his provocative 19… Read more »

New Documentary Shines a Light on Brooklyn Teenager Miasia Clark

Yvonne Michelle Shirley is a filmmaker whose most recent work, Miasia: The Nature of Experience, chronicles the life of Brooklyn teenager Miasia Clark as she navigates her everyday world—wrestling with the personal and the political in a fight for self-determination. Viewers encounter Miasia just weeks before she is set to present at the first ever… Read more »

(Dis)Ability in the Work of an Australian Filmmaker

The Independent’s editor sat down with Australian filmmaker gough (who prefers this single-name, lowercase moniker) to discuss his successful production company and multiple projects. gough, who is legally blind, is an advocate for disabled people and also a witness of our need to rethink traditional conceptions of able-bodiedness. There is so much we need to get… Read more »

Harry Assouline on the Award Winning, Futuristic Sci-Fi Thriller New York 2150

New York 2150 is the latest sci-fi thriller by Writer, Director, and Producer Harry Assouline. The film stars Kalen J Hall as intergalactic bounty hunter Jayden Jaxon. When Jayden partners with Mac Cole (played by Marcus Brandon) to apprehend a psycho-killer, the two face a variety of haunts, surreal and actual, in the futuristic terror-world of… Read more »