Author: Huimiao Zhang

Huimiao Zhang

Huimiao Zhang is a senior student at Emerson College studying journalism and psychology. Besides serving as assistant manager for Independent Magazine, Huimiao also is the video editor for the TV program Xin Wen Fang in Shanghai Media Group and is interested in investigative documentary.

Articles Written by Huimiao Zhang:

“The Lobster”: When the Sin of Being Single Is Unforgivable

 Dystopian films are no doubt a popular genre, especially among young adults. From “The Hunger Games” which reflects the animalistic tendencies of teenagers to “Divergent” which emphasizes their rebellious nature,  dystopian films tend to be similar to one another. “The Lobster,” however, includes elements of dark comedy and science fiction, bringing something new to the… Read more »

“Hi, Mom” and “Mama”: Dedicated to Every Ordinary but Great Mother

In his short story collection “Puck of Pook’s Hill,” Rudyard Kipling said, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” There are many stories around the world that revolve around mothers. The Korean film “Wedding Dress,” the British film “Philomena,” and the American horror movie “Mama” are all stories with themes of mothers protecting and loving… Read more »

Five people standing on stage.

Ann Arbor Film Festival Celebrates 60 Years With a Hybrid Festival

Found in 1963 by George Manupelli, the Ann Arbor Fim Festival is the oldest avant-garde and experimental film festival in North America. The 60th Ann Arbor Film Festival will run from March 22 to 27,2022 as a hybrid festival, with both in-person and online opportunities for attendees. People who attend the festival in-person can watch… Read more »

“Nice View”: Witness the Miracle on March 18

Independent Chinese director Wen Muye’s latest film “Nice View” was released in the US this past weekend after making over 1.2 billion Renminbi (RMB), around $170 million, during its theatrical release in China. “Nice View” is set in Shenzhen, one of China’s richest and busiest cities. The film centers on Jing hao, a 20-year-old man,… Read more »