Author: Randi Cecchine

Randi Cecchine is an independent documentary shooter/editor/producer, freelancer, and sometime educator living in New York. She has a BA from Hampshire College and an MFA in Media Arts Production from The College of Staten Island. She is currently self distributing her DVD Scrambled: A Journey Through Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which explores a complicated but common women’s health condition through personal narrative and interviews with experts from diverse fields. She is raising funds to complete the editing of a feature documentary about a radical political performance troupe the Missile Dick Chicks.

Articles Written by Randi Cecchine:

IDFA 2011 – In Touch with the “Planet of Snail”

For two years South Korean director Seung-Jun Yi and his assistant director took a two-hour subway ride to the home of the deaf and blind poet Young-Chan and his wife Soon-Ho. The couple communicates through a technique of gentle finger tapping called finger-braille, developed by the Japanese deaf and blind professor Satoshi Fukushima. Seung-Jun Yi… Read more »

Greater Filmmaker Responsibility in the New Documentary Paradigms

Anyone who cares about documentary filmmaking wants to know: In the current post-financial crisis, insecure-industry environment, how can filmmakers fund projects and reach audiences when traditional distribution models have crumbled…when even established filmmakers can’t secure the kinds of distribution deals, broadcast partnerships or investment/foundation funders they used to rely on? And perhaps more importantly, what… Read more »

Has the Drive to Fund “Social Issue” Docs Affected Their Form?

Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of attending a number of film festivals and conferences, some with a press pass blogging for The Independent, some as a filmmaker; and each time I watch films, attend panel discussions, and most importantly, speak to documentary filmmakers to learn about their creative practice and the… Read more »

Borat’s Aftermath: A Romanian Town Seeks Damages

I had the pleasure of seeing Carmen Meets Borat at the International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul, and was deeply moved. Carmen tells the story of a young Romanian woman with big dreams but who lives in a poor town. Moviegoers may recall her village, Glod, as a stand-in for Kazakhstan in Sacha Baron Cohen’s… Read more »

The Future of Public Media: Talking with Pat Aufderheide

At SILVERDOCS 2008, writer Randi Cecchine talks with Pat Aufderheide, founder and director of the Center for Social Media at American University, about moving their Beyond Broadcast conference to SILVERDOCS, unraveling the complexities of fair use, and taking on the future of public media. You are involved with SILVERDOCS in a bunch of different capacities… Read more »