Author: Valerie Weiss

Valerie Weiss is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning writer and director who recently completed the prestigious American Film Institute (AFI) Directing Workshop for Women where she directed the short film, Transgressions. Transgressions has been described as A Clockwork Orange meets Pleasantville and has won numerous awards including a BAFTA Student Film Award. Valerie is the founder of the independent film company, PhD Productions. PhD Productions is currently setting up its feature production, Losing Control, about a female scientist applying scientific thinking to her love-life to determine if her boyfriend is “the one.” In 1999, she founded Harvard University’s renowned Dudley Film Program and served as its Filmmaker-in-Residence and Film Festival Director through 2003. Valerie received her PhD in biophysics from Harvard University Medical School. She began her directing career while an undergraduate student at Princeton University. In 2007, Dr. Weiss has been honored as a member of the L’Oreal Panel For Women in Science with astronaut Sally Ride and as a member of the Newsweek Advisory Committee for Women in Leadership along with Laura Ziskin (Spiderman Trilogy) and Lauren Shuler Donner (X-men Trilogy).

Articles Written by Valerie Weiss:

Film Journal: Navigating the Uncertainty of Post-Production

In my last film journal, I talked about the production of my feature independent film, Losing Control, a quirky, romantic comedy about a female scientist who wants proof that her boyfriend is “the one.” I discussed the trials of production—locations falling through, lack of sleep, and stretching an already thin budget with an overly ambitious… Read more »

Film Journal: Survival Strategies During Production

In my last installment of my film journal, I wrote about the importance of pre-production for laying the groundwork for principal photography. What I learned during principal photography was that no matter how much you prepare, how long you plan, things will change—locations fall through, actors’ availabilities shift, and you need to continue pre-production into… Read more »

Film Journal: The Importance of Pre-Production

In my first two installments of my Film Journal for The Independent, I wrote about the philosophy behind the $200,000 independent film. In this installment, I will talk about laying the groundwork to make our film at this budget, the period known as pre-production, and how the making of Losing Control reinforced the film’s theme… Read more »

Film Journal: Philosophies for Financing Your Film

In the last installment of my film journal for The Independent, I wrote about the various circumstances that facilitated the raising of $200,000 to direct my feature film, Losing Control, a quirky romantic comedy about a female scientist who wants proof that her boyfriend is “the one.” In this installment, I write about how I… Read more »

Film Journal: The Making of an Independent Feature

Filmmaker Valerie Weiss will share her experiences of financing, making, and marketing her first independent feature film Losing Control in this monthly film journal. On May 20, 2009, I sent an email out to my friends and family announcing that I was raising $200,000 to make my first feature film, a quirky romantic comedy called… Read more »