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How to Pitch Your Film


After attending a recent DocDay, ITV Fest, and Salem Film Fest, filmmaker Michele Meek shares her insights into some best practices to pitch your film to funders, distributors, and new fans.

apps for production

Production Apps for Independent Filmmakers


Today, a host of platforms and mobile applications aim to broaden technology’s impact, offering support in the planning stages, as well as on set, in the hopes of saving the independent filmmaker time, simplifying efforts, and maximizing the results of those efforts.

Here, The Independent provides an overview of some of the leading planning software and apps for independent filmmakers.

Using Tugg: A filmmaker’s experience


The last year or so has seen the rise of, the niftily named, ‘Theatrical-on-Demand’ models led by companies such as Tugg and Gathr. It was the evolution of these platforms which inspired me to bring my self-funded UK indie film Young Hearts Run Free  to the US this September 2014. The film had a successful self-distribution tour… Read more »

Filmmakers! Don't Overlook Production Stills


Please visit our accompanying photo album on Facebook. In their minimalism and stillness, photographs can capture the essence of a movie. They tell us the mood of the story we can expect to see unfold on screen and particular still images have become iconic in the world of cinema. Think of Jack Nicholson’s wild-eyed, unshaven,… Read more »

Crowd Funding 101: How to Maximize Your Online Campaign


The Big Players and What Differentiates Them Though the phrase “crowd funding” technically refers to any method that raises money from a large group of people, often with a stipulation of reaching a proposed goal or budget, for independent filmmakers and artists, the phrase most often refers specifically to two competing websites, and…. Read more »

Are Pitch Sessions the New Black?


Pitch sessions are becoming the go-to attraction at film festivals and conferences. How are filmmakers and expert panelists making the most of these meetings? After attending a few sessions firsthand, The Independent asked film professionals for their input on how to maximize the pitch opportunity. Turns out the answers aren’t so simple. We spoke with:… Read more »