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Still from "Radio Free Albemuth," co-produced by Elizabeth Karr.

Are Pitch Sessions the New Black?


Pitch sessions are becoming the go-to attraction at film festivals and conferences. How are filmmakers and expert panelists making the most of these meetings? After attending a few sessions firsthand, The Independent asked film professionals for their input on how to maximize the pitch opportunity. Turns out the answers aren’t so simple. We spoke with:… Read more »

This could be your movie. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Securing Distribution with Netflix


By Michelle L. Martin and Katie O’Connell If you want tons of exposure for your film, Netflix—the world’s leading internet subscription service for movies and television—is the place to be. Netflix reaches over 16 million members in the United States and Canada. About a year ago they added 300 on-demand streaming indie films to their… Read more »

Jump on the chance to have a tech check before a festival screening. Photo by Torley.

Maximizing Film Exhibition Quality at Festivals


Many filmmakers forget that there are plenty of final touches to be made after the last edit is approved and digital formatting requirements are met for festival submissions. Even after festival acceptances flood your in-box, there are ways to maintain creative control over your film’s exhibition. Doing the proper prep work and building relationships with… Read more »

Miranda Bailey, director of the eco-documentary, Greenlit.

The Film Must Go Green


Sustainable Filmmaking Workshop Panelists: Miranda Bailey – Director, Greenlit Lauren Selman – Reel Green Media Eva Radke – Film Biz Recycling World premiering at SXSW 2010, Miranda Bailey’s documentary, Greenlit, portrays the hopes and eventual challenges of making the production of The River Why “green.” There is a moment at the beginning of Bailey’s documentary… Read more »

The coverage you need depends on the type and length of film you are making.

Production Insurance for Filmmakers: Understanding the Basics


Production insurance is probably one of the most important things a filmmaker needs to take into consideration before shooting the project. Why get insurance for your project? Essentially, there are three reasons: Legal, Contractual and Asset Protection. As for legal reasons, nearly every state requires that a production company/filmmaker carry some form of insurance. A… Read more »

Filmmaker Brian Pickard used an alternative form of funding for his film, "Slayers".

How Filmmakers Can Beat the Recession


As the recession continues to cast a shadow on the American economy, Hollywood studios are emerging as one of the few success stories. Audiences seeking an entertaining reprieve from layoffs and pay cuts are bringing theaters increased ticket sales and revenue and giving the film industry a “recession proof” reputation. Unfortunately, few realize that this… Read more »