Author: Caitlin Taylor So

Caitlin Taylor So

Born and raised in Queens, Caitlin Taylor is passionate about prioritizing and amplifying marginalized voices. She currently studies publishing and marketing at Emerson College. Her writing can also be found on Her Campus Media and PopSugar.

Articles Written by Caitlin Taylor So:

Interview: Filmmaker Tom Gilroy Talks Independent

Every morning, New York-based interdisciplinary artist Tom Gilroy consults his cats, Ocean and Wanda, for ideas. His work spans across photography, theatre, acting, writing, poetry, and music, with independent feature films as his central focus.  Gilroy has written and directed three notable films: the critically-acclaimed feature “Spring Forward” starring Liev Schreiber, “The Cold Lands,” and… Read more »

Watch “The Guide” in a Theater Near You to Stand With Ukraine

Theater owners across the country, from giant national chains to independent cinemas, are screening Ukrainian director Oles Sanin’s 2014 historical drama film “The Guide” as of March 18 as part of a nationwide fundraising campaign. Managed by Human & Civil Rights Organizations of America, the fundraiser donates all screening proceeds from participating theaters to the… Read more »

Independent Belarusian Filmmakers Call For an End to Putin’s War

Amidst Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, a number of independent Belarusian filmmakers have penned an open letter that condemns Russia’s senseless violence and demands they remove their troops from Ukraine and Belarus. Among the artists who signed the letter were film critic Igor Soukmanov, founder of the Northern Lights Film Festival Volia Chajkouskaya, and actress… Read more »

Reexamining “Under the Silver Lake” after “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

If you’ve scrolled through any social media platform in the past few months, you’ve seen British-American actor Andrew Garfield. Garfield, who was recently nominated for an Oscar for his performance in “tick, tick…BOOM!,” has dominated timelines and newsfeeds across cyberspace: a phenomenon many are calling “The Andrew Garfield Renaissance.” In 2021 alone, audiences saw Garfield… Read more »

Thirty Years Ago, New Queer Cinema Was Born at Sundance

At the 1992 Sundance Film Festival, the Barbed-Wire Kisses panel kickstarted a film movement that revolutionized LGBTQ+ media forever. Named after a Jesus and Mary Chain album, the panel brought together numerous prominent artists. Artists who were devastated by the AIDS epidemic and outraged by how the queer community was being represented and treated. Notable… Read more »