Author: Courtney Gardner

Courtney Gardner

Courtney Gardner is a film fanatic, photographer, and care supervisor. Outside of her day job, Courtney dreams of becoming a director. In her downtime, she interviews her way through film festivals in order to highlight the incredible talent and diversity among directors, actors, film crews, and production companies. Her mission for the film industry is to not only find representation but to maintain it at all costs.

Articles Written by Courtney Gardner:

Photos of the main actors from the series, These Them

The Gay Agenda is Alive and Well: These Thems

“Look at all these…thems, shes, hes, zirs…” Vero says, leaning against the bar, as the smile of a proud parent reaches across their face. This scene ends with a powerful, incredibly joyful, dance montage overlayed with the Hallway Swimmers’ Night Out, “We are the lucky ones; we have already won. We are together now. Can’t… Read more »

Timothy Richardson and Alexandra Grey leaning against a pink car.

The Tale of Two Star-Crossed Friends

Would you ever want to go back to your childhood? If so, what would you enjoy most about that trip? I would give anything to feel the unadulterated pleasure that rushed through my body when I learned something for the first time. Gossamer Folds, directed by Lisa Donato, made its premiere at the 2020 Bentonville… Read more »

Photo for Becoming a Man in 127 Easy Steps

One Giant Leap for Mankind

For the last 13 years, Scott Turner Schofield has been touring his live one-man show entitled Becoming a Man in 127 Easy Steps. The performance is structured around 127 stories Schofield has as part of his routine, but the order to which the stories are told is entirely up to the audience. As they shout… Read more »

Still from movie Bakla

Finding Your Superpowers and Reclaiming Your Identity

Bakla is a short film written, directed, and starring Brandon English. Bakla had its premiere at the 2020 New Filmmakers LA Film Festival and is currently making its way across the virtual film festival circuit. The film was also the official selection of the QTPOC Pride Arts+ Film Festival, finalist in the Asian Cinematography Awards,… Read more »

Still from Joyride, three women in a car.

One Last Joyride

Joyride is more than a short film; it is an experience. Director and writer Edwin Alexis Gomez created an incredibly poetic and multifaceted piece of art. Joyride premiered at the 2020 PBS Film Festival where it won the “Most Popular” film award. The film was produced by Angela Pedraza and Evelyn Angelica Martinez. Joyride tells… Read more »

Screen capture of cast table read

Sustaining Joy and Creativity within a Pandemic

We find ourselves in a global pandemic, quarantined in our homes, and collectively isolated from our loved ones. Members of the Black community are facing police violence and murder at an unwavering rate and the Trump Administration continues to avoid acknowledging these atrocities; yet, thousands of protesters have turned up in order to speak out… Read more »

Belle and Austin sharing a kiss.

Sharpen Your Axe with Razor Tongue

The US is not shy to acknowledge its long binging habits, boasting some of the highest consumption rates of digital media within the world. With such notorious patterns, it should come to no surprise that the media has been attributed to teaching us how to interact with and understand reality. The media invites us to… Read more »

Agnes (Zackary Drucker) preparing for her interview in the documentary Framing Agnes

Sundance 2020: Reframing History with “Framing Agnes”

Long before my first Pride Parade, I yearned to see any TV show or movie with an underlying queer theme. However I always kept my finger near the pause button as I watched, so I could make sure others didn’t discover what I was doing and judge me. I consumed queer media in isolation, dreaming… Read more »

A shot of two puppets that represent the actors kissing in the film Tahara

Slamdance 2020: The Messy Awkwardness of Adolescence in “Tahara”

Tahara, which premiered at the 2020 Slamdance Festival, is the feature-length directorial debut of Olivia Peace. Written by Jess Zeidman, the film opens with best friends Hannah Rosen (Rachel Sennott) and Carrie Lowstein (Madeline Grey DeFreece) entering their temple to attend a funeral for their Hebrew-school classmate, Samantha Goldstein, who has committed suicide. After the… Read more »

Leverne Cox smiles while sitting between two cameras in the documentary Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen

Sundance 2020: A conversation about “Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen”

“You’re queer, take a free ticket!” Admittedly, these warm words were ones I never thought I would hear at a Sundance Film Festival, let alone on the night of a premiere. However, they were said with intention, since the team behind the documentary Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen knows the importance of providing a safe… Read more »