Author: Erin Trahan

Erin Trahan edits and publishes The Independent.

Articles Written by Erin Trahan:

Facebook Exclusive Interviews with 10 to Watch in 2010

Editor’s Note: This collaborative reporting effort was led by Nikki Chase with help from Maddy Kadish and The Independent’s associate editor, Cristina Sousa. BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION Ok, we grant you the fact that announcing 10 filmmakers to watch in 10 days sounds strikingly familiar to our recent fundraising campaign. Truth is, it worked! And… Read more »

Erin Trahan Named Interim Executive Director of Independent Media Publications

As of October 15th, Managing Editor Erin Trahan will serve as the Interim Executive Director of Independent Media Productions (IMP), the nonprofit organization that oversees publication of The Independent (formerly The Independent Film & Video Monthly print magazine) is an online magazine as well as a networking hub for indie filmmakers. Current Executive Director… Read more »

Film-Friendly State: Shooting in Michigan

From New Mexico to Massachusetts, from Michigan to California, state and local governments are luring film-production business by passing increasingly competitive tax-incentive policies. Michigan recently joined the party in April 2008, with an unprecedented 42 percent return. Getting money back is crucial, but it’s not the only reason to choose a destination for your shoot… Read more »

Making the Decision to Re-Release

In 1981, filmmakers Carolyn Strachan and Alessandro Cavadini received acclaim for Two Laws/Kanymardra Yuwa, a documentary about the struggle for Aboriginal groups from the Northern Territory to live within both their own and Australian law. Screenings in Australia, including at the Sydney Opera house and throughout Europe, eventually brought Strachan to the United States for… Read more »

Rider Strong Moves On

Rider Strong grew up on television. Not like most of us, consuming it after school with a Hi-C juice box and a Swiss Cake roll, but as Shawn Hunter, the beloved boy next door on Boy Meets World. Considering the fate of other child actors, spending ages 13 to 20 under the hot lights of… Read more »

The DVD Isn’t Dead… At Least Not Yet

With a call for shorts for Independent Exposure 2008 open through the end of the month, The Independent wanted to talk strictly shorts with Microcinema’s founder, Patrick Kwiatkowski. But when the inevitable question of the future of distribution came up, Kwiatkowski made it clear: He still believes in DVDs and he thinks indies should, too…. Read more »

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Sundance

Sundance is growing. More submissions than ever–8,000 for 2008. More screenings. More countries of origin represented in both the feature and documentary competitions. More arms of the Sundance empire–institutes, labs, the Sundance Channel–at work. More categories to sift through than a sane film-goer can practically comprehend, let alone stand in line for. Then there’s the… Read more »

What an Actor Looks for in a Filmmaker

He’s most recognized for his menacing role as Ethan Rom on Lost, most respected for playing the cheated-on, threatening husband in In the Bedroom, and most pitied as an innocent victim in The Grudge. Yes, William Mapother can play scary. But he can also play nice. Exhibit A: A charming scene in the light and… Read more »

Airing Your Dirty Laundry

Doug Block wasn’t sure he had a film yet. His mother had passed away and he was videotaping his father’s move from the family home for posterity. Block had every reason to believe his parents’ 54-year marriage was happy. Then, riding next to his father one afternoon, he asked, “Do you miss mom?” “No, I… Read more »