Author: Minhae Shim

Minhae Shim contributes to The Independent from the vantage point of a filmmaker, interdisciplinary artist, and writer. She is an active blogger, and is particularly interested in exploring and extending the traditions of avant-garde cinema and conceptual art. She recently completed and exhibited a video installation, Video Sassoon. She’s currently helping to edit The Independent’s Guide to Film Distribution, Second Edition. She can be reached at

Articles Written by Minhae Shim:

A still from Minor Attraction. Courtesy of Amelia Evans.

Extra: Hear from Amelia Evans’ mentor and former professor, Ross McElwee

The Independent‘s Minhae Shim, talks with esteemed filmmaker Ross McElwee (Bright Leaves, Photographic Memory), an advisor on Minor Attraction and Amelia Evans’ former professor, about how he advised Evans through the complex subject matter of her documentary. Minhae Shim: What was your first experience of working with Amelia like? Ross McElwee: I could tell from the first film… Read more »

A still from Minor Attraction. Courtesy of Amelia Evans.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2015: Amelia Evans

Minor Attraction is a risky project. The documentary follows the lives of pedophiles in order to find ways to prevent child abuse and understand the taboo attraction to children. LEF Moving Image Fund grantee Amelia Evans, a human rights lawyer turned filmmaker, talks to The Independent’s Minhae Shim about her film’s controversial topic, her filmmaking process, and living with pedophiles. Minhae Shim:… Read more »

Top 14 Film Markets

In addition to attending film festivals to screen or network on behalf of an independent film, a diverse array of industry professionals attend film markets. At film markets, the focus is on commerce. The goal of attending can be to make production and distribution deals, learn about new products or segments of the industry, or… Read more »

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2013: John Alan Thompson

John Alan Thompson is a man who promulgates the world of the bizarre, the supernatural, and the surreal. Moving from place to place when he was a child exposed Thompson to a variety of environments. But, it was in Texas where he directly confronted death: Thompson’s Little League baseball team had just won a game…. Read more »

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2013: Lu Lu

Lu Lu is no stranger to a language gap. Even her name is a constant source of confusion in America. “They ask me my first name. I say ‘Lu.’ Then they ask me for my last name, and I say ‘Lu.’ They think I misunderstood them.” In Chinese, the characters, while pronounced the same, are… Read more »

How to Talk Experimental Film: A User’s Guide

As a medium, film is unique because it captures life in a way that cannot be captured through other forms of art, like painting or photography. Film is able to represent time, its duration, and motion, which brings it the closest to capturing life itself. Even the most conventional, mainstream film or video is able… Read more »