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Still from movie Bakla

Finding Your Superpowers and Reclaiming Your Identity


Bakla is a short film written, directed, and starring Brandon English. Bakla had its premiere at the 2020 New Filmmakers LA Film Festival and is currently making its way across the virtual film festival circuit. The film was also the official selection of the QTPOC Pride Arts+ Film Festival, finalist in the Asian Cinematography Awards,… Read more »

Preserving the Legacy of Female Filmmakers and The Independent


A conversation between editor Michele Meek and contributor Emily Watlington about the new book Independent Female Filmmakers, which recounts the legacy of 15 groundbreaking female filmmakers from Deepa Mehta to Cheryl Dunye to Martha Coolidge, while also highlighting the history of The Independent itself.

SUNDANCE 2019: Just Philippot’s Short, Acid


Artist/ Writer Neil Kendricks talks with Filmmaker Just Philippot about the inspiration behind his apocalyptic vision of environmental collapse in his terrifying film, Acid.  The short was one of 73 featured at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Sundance 2019: Writer/Director Soudade Kaadan


Filmmaker Soudade Kaadan lends her darkly comic voice to humanity under siege in the short film Aziza, winner of the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.  In this interview, Neil Kendricks speaks with the filmmaker about how she transformed her experience as a Syrian exile into this award-winning short.

Women in Film Portraits: Caroline Mariko Stucky


In this installment of Women in Film Portraits, Lauren Sowa profiles Caroline Mariko Stucky, an award-winning, Swiss-Japanese filmmaker and cinematographer with a fierce passion for American culture. For Caroline, film is the ultimate language. It surpasses the kaleidoscope of spoken languages that informed her childhood. In this interview, Caroline shares about coming to the United States and about taking on a predominantly male creative roles.

Women in Film Portraits: Kaliya Warren


In this installment of Women in Film Portraits, Lauren Sowa interviews Kalyia Warren, the Writer/Director behind Expatriates—a love story that follows two multiracial dirt bike riders from Egypt to Cape Town. The film, now its final developments, was inspired by the people Warren I’ve met while traveling on the African continent. Warren is a graduate of NYU and is currently based in New York City.