Author: Courtney Sheehan

Courtney Sheehan is a film programmer, writer, and business strategist. Most recently, she served as executive director for Northwest Film Forum, the independent film nonprofit in Seattle. She is a frequent contributor to The Independent.

Articles Written by Courtney Sheehan:

American Film Market Oct. 31- Nov. 7 2018

Produced by the Independent Film & Television Alliance, the American Film Market (AFM) is an annual convening of 7,000+ film industry professionals from 80 countries. Over a week in Santa Monica, acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, festival directors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, and writers converge for deal-making, screenings, conferences, networking, and parties…. Read more »

Art House Streaming Platforms Uniquely Poised to Build Online Film Communities

The continued rise of streaming platforms—both large and small—has had reverberating effects in online film communities. Every company in this space, regardless of size and scope, must find, maintain, and build online audiences. For the diehard film fans, keeping up with all the options out there is a task by itself. From the never-ending supply… Read more »

Katerina Cizek is Opening up Documentary at MIT’s new Co-Creative Studio

Digital media pioneer Katerina Cizek is a “hometown girl” in Toronto, so the Toronto International Film Festival is always on her calendar. But this year she’s attending the TIFF Docs Conference with a new project. “I’m leading a co-creation studio at the MIT Open Documentary Lab,” she says over breakfast not far from the downtown… Read more »

From Bosnia to Berlin: Sarajevo at Berlinale 2016

The film industries of the countries of former Yugoslavia continue to evolve and adapt to changing environments, both on the industry level in the broader European landscape, and in the political and economic contexts of their respective countries. At this year’s Berlinale, the region’s continued ability to punch above its weight was proven by Bosnian… Read more »

Island on the Edge: Gina Abatemarco’s Kivalina

Kivalina is an Alaskan island 80 miles north of the Arctic circle. A community of Inupiaq Eskimos have called the island home for centuries, but today climate change threatens Kivalina’s future. Kivalina, Gina Abatemarco’s documentary feature debut, tells stories about the island, its people and their way of life. It premiered in the 66th Berlinale… Read more »

Nikolaus Geyrhalter confronts “Homo Sapiens”

European documentarian Nikolaus Geyrhalter (Our Daily Bread, Abendland, Over the Years) returned to the Berlinale Forum this year with Homo Sapiens, a photographic contemplation of what human impact on the planet might look like after we are gone and nature has reclaimed the debris. Courtney Sheehan: You’ve talked about how the vision for this film is… Read more »

Working Together: The Land of the Enlightened (Part II)

This is the second installment of a two part story looking at the making of  The Land of the Enlightened by Pieter-Jan De Pue which had its European premiere at the 2016 edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (following a world premiere at Sundance). Read more about the origins of the film and the story… Read more »

Perseverance of Vision: The Land of the Enlightened (Part I)

This is the first installment of a two part story looking at the making of  The Land of the Enlightened. Read more about the co-production at Working Together: The Land of Enlightened (Part II) First time Belgian director Pieter-Jan De Pue was fresh out of film school when he traveled to Afghanistan in the early 2000s. After… Read more »

The Lost Arcade: Video Games on Film

The Lost Arcade is the feature documentary debut of director Kurt Vincent and producer Irene Chin. The film captures the final days of Chinatown Fair, the last video game arcade in Manhattan. It premiered at DOC NYC and had its European premiere at the 45th International Film Festival Rotterdam, where The Independent interviewed Vincent. Courtney… Read more »