Filmmakers and Their Global Lens: Eugene Green


In this first edition of our new series, Filmmakers and their Global Lens, The Independent’s special contributor Dana Knight interviews the industries emerging and established filmmakers about their work, recent projects and their place in a global setting.  Dana initially spoke with Eugene Green, about his latest work, at the Toronto International Film Festival 2014. Dana Knight… Read more »

FNC 2014: Hybrid Filmmakers find Common Ground


Montreal’s Festival du Nouveau Cinema (FNC) is a festival that doesn’t like to be put into neat and tidy boxes. This year’s boundary-blurring program includes everything from satirical mockumentaries to poetic documentaries that include reenacted scenes. Staff writer Patrick Pearce sat down with the directors of two narrative first features with non-fiction characteristics to chat… Read more »

LILTING - Pei-pei Cheng (L) and Ben Whishaw (R)

Inspired by Personal History, Hong Khaou Releases “Lilting” to US Audiences


In Hong Khaou’s Lilting, available on DVD and VOD September 29th, a mother grieves for her son by getting to know her son’s partner. Khaou told The Independent his debut feature came, “from a place that’s deeply personal, especially that of grief. I lost my dad when I was 12 and the character in the film loses her son. So I had to expose myself in a certain way writing this.”

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2014: Stephanie Martin


Keep tabs on cinematographer Stephanie Martin. She had been shooting professionally for more than 14 years before she decided to direct her first film. Inspired by her own observations of the plight of wild horses in the American West, she wrote and directed a successful short, <i>Wild Horses</i>, and this summer she’s working on the feature-length script.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2014: Darius Clark Monroe


Evolution of a Filmmaker: Darius Clark Monroe makes our 10 to Watch list for his documentary <em>Evolution of a Criminal</em>, which premiered at SXSW. Read about how Monroe’s autobiographical documentary gives us his inside view on past errors and forgiveness.