Kurt Vincent filming for The Lost Arcade

The Lost Arcade: Video Games on Film


The Lost Arcade is the feature documentary debut of director Kurt Vincent and producer Irene Chin. The film captures the final days of Chinatown Fair, the last video game arcade in Manhattan. It premiered at DOC NYC and had its European premiere at the 45th International Film Festival Rotterdam, where The Independent interviewed Vincent. Courtney… Read more »

L-R: Nicolas Boone, Khalik Allah, Genviève Philippon, Julie Bourbonnais, [obscured: RIDM programmer Bruno Dequen], Jean-François Lesage, Charlotte Selb, Patrick Pearce. (Courtesy RIDM)

RIDM 2015: Trials of Style


“Sometimes I’m watching what I’ve shot and I’m like, ‘I could have never written that dialogue.’ People are really good actors in documentary,” said Montreal-based filmmaker Jean-François Lesage about making his doc, A Summer Love. Lesage and four other filmmakers with work screening at the 2015 RIDM Film Festival sat down with The Independent’s Patrick Pearce to talk elements of film style.

Jane Birkin in Agnès Varda's "Jane B. by Agnès V." (Courtesy Cinelicious)

Agnès Varda Reflects on “Jane B. by Agnès V.” and “Kung-Fu Master!”


Upon the digital restoration and US release of Jane B. by Agnès V. and Kung-Fu Master! the ever-iconic Agnès Varda tells The Independent: “A lot of people love my films but I don’t know if they are commercial. That’s why I always say, ‘I don’t have a career, I just made films.’ I am marginal and I am happy to be marginal because I’m very well known in these marginal circles of cinephiles.”

A cast of hundreds and hundreds in Aferim! (Courtesy A Big World Pictures)

Radu Jude’s “Aferim!” is Miles Away From Minimalism


Director Radu Jude talks to The Independent about how his latest, Aferim!, may seem Shakespearian but actually uses language discovered in archival literary texts and other documents. And if you’re wondering where he’s headed next, it’s into an adaptation of work by novelist Max Blecher, sometimes called Romania’s Kafka.

Yorgos Pirpassopoulos (left) and Efthymis Papadimitriou (right) in Athina Rachel Tsangari's "Chevalier."

NYFF 2015: Yorgos Pirpassopoulos Talks “Chevalier”


“The whole process from rehearsing to shooting was really fascinating, enjoyable, challenging and difficult,” Chevalier actor, Yorgos Pirpassopoulos, told The Independent at NYFF 2015. They rehearsed on location and brought their own ideas on character and improvisation. “I had a feeling that everything could change at any moment and that added a lot to film,” he said.


NYFF 2015: Laszlo Nemes on Recreating Auschwitz


“Yes, it’s a portrait,” explains Laszlo Nemes about his debut feature Son of Saul. “It’s a very reduced scope of an image and it actually corresponds to the limitations of a human being: you see very little, you know very little in a concentration camp. And the human experience, with hindsight, is different but the people who were there knew much less. I wanted to convey how limited we could be in this kind of situation.”

Excerpt from Counting

Filmmakers and Their Global Lens: Jem Cohen


Counting is a personal, essayistic documentary in 15 chapters where Cohen composes images, sound and music with remarkable intensity, combining them into a hypnotic foray through the metropolises of our world: New York, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Porto and a city intended to remain unknown. Time passes and stands still at the same time. Counting has it’s North American Premiere at BAMcinemaFEST 2015 on Saturday, June 27th – a Q&A with Cohen will follow the screening.