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\J.K. Simmons on left, Miles Teller on right.

New York Film Festival 2014 – Critic’s Choice


Kurt Brokaw returns to the New York Film Festival as our senior critic for the fifth consecutive year. No film is left behind as he chooses his favorites, with reviews starting now and coming in over the next week. The festival runs September 26th through October 12th.

Tribeca 2014: Interactive’s Audience Now Has an Audience


From playing the giant piano inspired by <i>Big</i> to starting to fan stalk other media fans, Tribeca’s cutting edge Innovation Week brought all things transmedia (and more) to the forefront of the conversation, and better yet, to the hands-on Interactive Playground. Senior producer Maddy Kadish was on the scene.

Tribeca 2014: Critic’s Choice


Of Tribeca’s 89 features and 60 shorts, senior critic Kurt Brokaw elaborates on his favorites. <i>Chef, Venus in Fur</i> and <i>Virunga</i> started us off and <i>Dior and I, Helium, Today’s the Day, Love In the Time of March Madness, Human Voice, Shaking Free</i> and <i>The Vortex Finds a Host</i> round off the list.

New Directors/New Films 2014 – Critic’s Choice


Horror doesn’t scare our senior film critic Kurt Brokaw. Two cutting films make his cut (<i>Buzzard</i> and <i>The Babadook</i>) plus he returns to Romania’s cinema frontier with <i>QED</i> (that’s the short title) gets unfrozen in Greenland and takes a ride with the Phantom, Nick Cave.

Rendez-Vous With French Cinema 2014


“You may not be persuaded by a minute of it, but if you have a sweet tooth for French neo-noir, you can’t help but believe your lying eyes.” That’s senior critic, Kurt Brokaw, on his fourth consecutive year choosing a critic’s choice from Rendez-vous With French Cinema. Curious about which one he’s talking about? Read <a href=>more</a>.

Sundance 2014: Three Films Disturb the Peace


Despite the unavoidable Park City glitz, Neil Kendricks writes, “Sundance still provides a forum for much-needed cinematic troublemakers.” Read how three films in particular grabbed him by the collar, <i>Only Lovers Left Alive, 20,000 Days on Earth</i>, and <i>Rat Pack Rat</i>.