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“Shiva Baby” star Rachel Sennott & Writer/Director Emma Seligman Talk to the “Independent”


The Independent’s staff writer, Kim Costigan, spoke with writer/director Emma Seligman and lead actress Rachel Sennott about their indie comedy Shiva Baby, which won the 2020 Toronto Independent Film Festival’s Best Canadian Feature Film and Outfest’s Best Screenwriting award. During the film’s recent virtual press junket for its wide release, we talked about Shiva Baby’s… Read more »

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Beat the Algorithm: Top Five Hidden Gems on Netflix


Sifting through the glut of content available on streaming services can sometimes feel like more work than it’s worth. Algorithms that supposedly know your tastes better than yourself present wave after wave of movies and series spanning all genres and eras. Even the most focused browsers can find themselves lost in the weeds. Netflix is… Read more »

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Let the Armor Fall Away: “Lupe”


Lupe is the directorial debut of Andrè Phillips and Charles Vuolo. Lupe tells the story of the film’s namesake, a young transgender Latinx woman who has recently immigrated to New York City from Cuba. During Lupe’s childhood, her sister Isabel went missing and was believed to have been taken to New York City, where she… Read more »

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“Shiva Baby” Review


In the holy season of Passover, what could make a moviegoer feel more connected to the spirit of the season and their family traditions than a film about Jewishness, sex, family expectations, bisexuality, body image obsessions, sugar daddies, career choices, and cheating? First-time writer/director, Emma Seligman’s Shiva Baby brings us an intersection of all these… Read more »

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Fringe of Colour Film Festival Call for Submission


Relatively new film festival, Fringe of Colour, focuses on BIPOC creators. Founded in 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland, the festival has shifted its focus as a result of COVID-19 with the hopes of supporting BIPOC creators who lost income as a result of the pandemic. Fringe of Colour is a community-based festival that includes writings, discussions,… Read more »

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The Female Gaze: Framing Trauma in Fairchild


In the second installment of The Female Gaze series, Lou Balikos provides a thought-provoking examination of filmmaker Kali Kahn’s debut short film, Fairchild, a narrative that follows a young girl as she grapples with the traumatic effects of her sexual assault. 

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The Vulnerability of ‘Monsters’ in “Unforgivable”


Last April, the Human Rights Watch stated that the conditions in which El Salvador inmates live are inhumane. El Salvador’s prisons have a maximum capacity of just over 18,000 prisoners, but they are currently holding more than 38,000 individuals. Upon entering the penitentiary, you will notice thousands of individuals trickling out of cramped cells. Gang… Read more »

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The Asian-American Adolescence That Grows Within Chung’s Minari Tree


“It grows everywhere like weeds… rich or poor, anyone can enjoy it. Minari is wonderful,” says Soonja (Youn Yuh- Jung) to her grandson David (Alan Kim). They chant “Minari Minari, wonderful wonderful,” evoking a heartfelt sense of nostalgia that can resonate with anyone who has a specific comfort food tied to their family’s lineage.