Author: Maddy Kadish

Maddy Kadish is a writer and producer. In addition to The Independent, she has contributed articles to MovieMaker Magazine, IndieWire, and No Film School, profiling festivals, filmmakers, and new technologies. She has worked as a consultant for the Boston Jewish Film Festival and Glovebox Short Film & Animation Festival. Maddy spent 10 years as a film, video, and multimedia producer in NYC, Boston, and London, specializing in educational media. She currently works at PBS Education in Washington DC as a content development manager, helping PBS filmmakers bring their work to classrooms across the US. She holds a B.S. from Cornell and an Ed.M. from Harvard. She can be reached at

Articles Written by Maddy Kadish:

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2013

This year’s 10 to Watch represents filmmakers who we think are on to something in 2013. The Independent’s 10 to Watch list draws from narratives and documentaries, seasoned and newcomers, shorts and features, Sundance and SXSW favorites, and other parts of the film community. What distinguishes these filmmakers is that each one brings a unique… Read more »

Tribeca 2013: Story First at TFI Interactive

TFI Interactive (TFII), an all day conference about technology and film, was held on April 20th in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival. Now in its second year, TFII explored interactive film, transmedia, and social media, among other topics, through brief and lively panels and presentations. Each speaker held the floor for about 10-15 minutes…. Read more »

Sundance 2013: Grand Jury Prize Winner “Fruitvale”

Before I headed out to Sundance this year, director Ryan Coogler’s name had crossed my radar more than once. He was one of 12 filmmakers selected for the Sundance Institute January Screenwriters Lab in 2012. The lab, located at the Sundance Resort, is an immersive, five-day writers’ workshop for the purposes of developing a feature… Read more »

Sundance 2013: New Frontier’s Virtual and Real Space

During the Sundance Film Festival, one can choose from at least 15 different activities, from watching films to hearing panels or tracking celebrities, to hitching a chairlift up the mountain. For the next of the next–transmedia installations, multimedia performances, and so on, the festival created a section called New Frontier. Curated by Shari Frilot, New… Read more »

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2012

It’s another year, and time to announce 10 filmmakers we at The Independent think you should keep your eye on. It’s a varied group, to be sure, but each filmmaker has a few key things in common: talent, drive, and the desire to innovate. The complete 10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2012 list is below,… Read more »

“Losing Control” Melds Science and Romance

When describing their work, directors often talk about their need to reveal the truth. In her narrative feature Losing Control, scientist-turned-filmmaker, Valerie Weiss, shows us how both science and filmmaking involve the pursuit of truth. Weiss wrote a film journal (see links below) for The Independent throughout the making of her film, a comedy about… Read more »

Are Pitch Sessions the New Black?

Pitch sessions are becoming the go-to attraction at film festivals and conferences. How are filmmakers and expert panelists making the most of these meetings? After attending a few sessions firsthand, The Independent asked film professionals for their input on how to maximize the pitch opportunity. Turns out the answers aren’t so simple. We spoke with:… Read more »

All Signs Point North

The Camden International Film Festival (CIFF) is a documentary-exclusive festival that takes place September 29th through October 3rd in a picturesque Maine coastal town. It’s a small, but growing festival founded six years ago by Ben Fowlie, who also programs and coordinates the event. Out of the 29 features, nine are international and five are… Read more »

Funder FAQ: Playboy’s Surprising Mission

Damned in the U.S.A. (1991) Heart of the Matter (1994) In the Family (2008) The Most Dangerous Man in America (2010) The Times of Harvey Milk (1984) When Billy Broke His Head…. And Other Tales of Wonder (1999) What do all these films have in common? If you said they all tackle tough social issues,… Read more »