Author: Maddy Kadish

Maddy Kadish is a writer and producer. In addition to The Independent, she has contributed articles to MovieMaker Magazine, IndieWire, and No Film School, profiling festivals, filmmakers, and new technologies. She has worked as a consultant for the Boston Jewish Film Festival and Glovebox Short Film & Animation Festival. Maddy spent 10 years as a film, video, and multimedia producer in NYC, Boston, and London, specializing in educational media. She currently works at PBS Education in Washington DC as a content development manager, helping PBS filmmakers bring their work to classrooms across the US. She holds a B.S. from Cornell and an Ed.M. from Harvard. She can be reached at

Articles Written by Maddy Kadish:

10 Filmmakers to Watch 2016: Call for Nominations

It’s that time of year again! Now in its eighth year, The Independent’s 10 Filmmakers to Watch highlights filmmakers – producers, programmers, animators, and others – whose upcoming work we think will wow you this year. We are looking for your nominations! Nominate your colleagues, friends, or even yourself. Nominees must be working on an independent… Read more »

San Francisco International Film Festival in a To-Go Cup?

This year the 58th annual San Francicso International Film Festival, the longest running film festival in the United States, went the traditional route — it screened films in theatres around San Francisco, including the Sundance Kabuki Cinemas and the historic (and beautiful) Castro Theatre. It also took off into the cloud(s) with the addition of the first-ever SFFS Online Screening Room. The… Read more »

Filmatic Festival Showcases the Art and Science of Cinema

The Filmatic Festival  is a forum for that film geek and science nerd in all of us. It describes itself as dedicated to “the art of science and cinema” and explores the convergence of science, technology, cinema, and the artistry that can develop from it. The festival ran from April 30–May 3 at University of… Read more »

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2015: Stephanie Langhoff

In many ways, Stephanie Langhoff has a dream job, although certainly not an easy one. Langhoff is a producer at Duplass Brothers Productions, the company from indie-film-machines Mark and Jay Duplass. Langhoff produced The Bronze, a raunchy comedy that was the opening film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Sundance 2015 represented a big moment… Read more »

Hasan Minhaj in Sakoon.

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2015: Hasan Minhaj

Hasan Minhaj may be best known as one of the newest correspondents on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (joining the show in the fall of 2014), but it was his work merging stand-up with storytelling that brought him to our attention for 10 to Watch. Minhaj and his collaborator, director Greg Walloch, participated in Sundance Institute’s… Read more »

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2015

It’s that time again! With 10 to Watch announced every spring, The Independent honors 10 filmmakers who we think are poised to make a notable impact on independent film in the coming year. Whether it is because their work pushes filmmaking in a new direction, tackles a difficult subject matter, or is simply something that we… Read more »

Sundance 2015 – New Frontier Kicks Reality Up a Notch

Park City, UTAH — Given the slow march of the film industry away from the in-person movie theatre experience, New Frontier rapidly becomes more important every year. New Frontier offers a reason to pause the movie you’re watching on Netflix, get out of your house, and come to the theatre — or, in this case, Sundance’s… Read more »

Sundance 2015 – Shorts That Pack a Punch

Park City, UTAH — “With short films, you have to show your entire world in a split second,” said producer Rasmus Kastberg after the screening of his animated short Tupilaq. After seeing several shorts, below are the films that resonated with me. This year’s program consisted of 60 films, selected from 8,061 submissions, screened in six separate… Read more »

Sundance 2015 – Nasty Baby is Fun But Perplexing

Park City, UTAH — Nasty Baby. If the title sounds like a strange dichotomy, it should. It’s also representative of the film as a whole. Nasty Baby stars Sebastian Silva, Kristen Wiig, and Tunde Abebimpe. It was featured in the NEXT program, a festival category established in 2010 to showcase innovative forward-thinking storytelling. Silva is the writer/director and Nasty Baby is his… Read more »

Sundance 2015 – And the Winners Are

Park City, UTAH — The Sundance Film Festival announced its 2015 feature film awards winners on Saturday, February 1st, in a gala affair hosted by comedian Tig Notaro. The atmosphere was festive. Film teams attended and cheered for their films if they were called. Filmmakers seemed relaxed, in contrast to their more nervous composure at the festival screenings. (Earlier in the week, Notaro was featured… Read more »