Author: Courtney Gardner

Courtney Gardner

Courtney Gardner is a film fanatic, photographer, and care supervisor. Outside of her day job, Courtney dreams of becoming a director. In her downtime, she interviews her way through film festivals in order to highlight the incredible talent and diversity among directors, actors, film crews, and production companies. Her mission for the film industry is to not only find representation but to maintain it at all costs.

Articles Written by Courtney Gardner:

Going for The Jugular: Actor/Writer/Director Camille Hollett-French

There are 1440 minutes in a day, and in just 24 of those minutes Camille Hollett-French manages to create a lasting impression and an uncanny reflection of life and the pivotal moments we can encounter. Her Story (In Three Parts): No. 3: In the Absence of Angels tells Crystal’s story. Crystal is raped in the… Read more »

The Wild Immersion: What is The Role of VR in Saving Wildlife?

Before attending Sundance 2019, I had no prior experience of VR. Sure, I had heard of the term, but I didn’t know anything beyond the very basic concept. This made me that much more excited to enter the Fly Tech Lounge. As I waited for my turn, involving a seemingly innocent pop up experience, I… Read more »

Meet the Director: Alice Waddington

Alice Waddington’s debut film, Paradise Hills, welcomes audience members into a breathtaking utopia of a boarding school. Don’t let the magnificence trick you though, for behind it lays an eerie underbelly awaiting discovery, protected by the equally mystifying Duchess (Milla Jovovich). In this thrilling sci-fi & fantasy, society’s misfits Uma (Emma Roberts), Yu (Awkwafina), Amarna… Read more »