Author: Katherine Brodsky

Katherine Brodsky is a freelance arts and entertainment writer. She has written for Entertainment Weekly, MovieMaker Magazine, USA Weekend, Variety, Stage Directions, Forward, and many others. She has interviewed a diverse range of intriguing personalities, including Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Pulitzer, Tony, and Genie Award winners & nominees.

Articles Written by Katherine Brodsky:

Overcoming Overemotion One Chocolate at a Time

No doubt that Romantics Anonymous is a very personal film for director Jean-Pierre Améris. He knows all too well the affliction that his film’s protagonists confront: social anxiety. The unlikely romantic comedy pairs two extraordinarily shy and, yes, emotional people. One is a gifted chocolate-maker (Isabelle Carré) who is terrified of displaying her talent, the… Read more »

It's Alive!

Director Chris Paine is back with a follow-up to his highly touted documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car?, which celebrated the birth and mourned the death of the electric car. With help from a cast of unwavering advocates, Paine resurrects the vehicle in Revenge of the Electric Car. The electric car’s time has come, proposes… Read more »

How to Open a Festival with a Bang

There is something unusual about Score: A Hockey Musical, which opened the Toronto International Film Festival this year. For one, it is a Canadian musical. Second, it’s big in every way, from how it was presented at the gala, to how it’s being marketed by distributor Mongrel Media, to the stars it features (including Olivia… Read more »

Do Canadian Indies Depend on American Celebrity?

Barney’s Version is a Canadian film with a lot of stars, especially American ones like Paul Giamatti and Dustin Hoffman. At a special tribute at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival producer Robert Lantos proclaimed that it’s not that he is opposed to working with a small budget, it’s that the ambitious stories he’d like… Read more »

Mix Master

Marcelo Zarvos is scoring big in the independent film world these days. The thirty-five-year old Brazilian-born Zarvos, who has made New York his home for the past twelve years, has composed music for a handful of independent films, including Tully (2000), Kissing Jessica Stein (2001), and this year’s The Door in the Floor—all award-winning and… Read more »