Author: Katherine Brodsky

Katherine Brodsky is a freelance arts and entertainment writer. She has written for Entertainment Weekly, MovieMaker Magazine, USA Weekend, Variety, Stage Directions, Forward, and many others. She has interviewed a diverse range of intriguing personalities, including Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Pulitzer, Tony, and Genie Award winners & nominees.

Articles Written by Katherine Brodsky:

TIFF 2013: President of the Club of Romantics

A Promise is a romantic drama filled with silent glances, small gestures, and hidden emotions. It is set in Germany, just before WWI, and revolves around a married woman (Rebecca Hall) who falls in love with her husband’s (Alan Rickman) protégé (Richard Madden). The film had its North American premiere at the 2013 Toronto International… Read more »

TIFF 2013: “Visitors” and Experimentation on a Grand Scale

Although it certainly offers some degree of diversity, over the years the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has become known for its glitzy premieres of star-studded films that vie for Oscars. Godfrey Reggio’s experimental film, Visitors is nothing like the rest, making for an especially delicate, unique, and welcome treat. Those familiar with Reggio’s work,… Read more »

TIFF 2013: Report from the Second Annual Asian Film Summit

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) first presented the Asian Film Summit in 2012 and it was proclaimed a success. The one-day event, housed at the posh Shangri-La Hotel, returned again this year and attracted many delegates who are turning their eye to a massive market that offers many opportunities for collaboration and alternative sources… Read more »

TIFF 2013: When Movies Bring On and Offscreen Families Together

This may well be a cautionary tale of having good email etiquette. After wrapping Terry Miles’s A Night for Dying Tigers (2010) actress Lauren Lee Smith sent Miles a note thanking him for the experience and saying how great it would be to work together again someday. Next thing she knew, she was the star… Read more »

a screengrab from the film of a man in a suit with a disgusted face

Tribeca 2013: From Novel to Screen in “A Single Shot”

As indie filmmakers know, making a film is a long process that requires a passion that burns deeper than the holes is your pocket. There’s a certain dedication that goes into bringing a story alive that is borderline obsessive compulsive. But without that commitment, most films will never make it onto celluloid, let alone into… Read more »

The Ascent of Assange

Hushed tones. Top-secret documents. Governments, pissed-off across the globe. Whether praised or demonized, few people can debate the significance of Australian-born Julian Assange, founder of the contentious WikiLeaks. It was only a matter of time before a biopic would follow and so Robert Connolly’s Underground: The Julian Assange Story made its world premiere at the… Read more »

Adam Cohen on the Marriage of Music and Film (he’s for it)

The Festival Music House set up camp at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival for the third consecutive year. The invite-only three-night event lured in top Canadian indie musicians and put them in front of filmmakers, producers, and other film industry types. The intent is to introduce potential cinematic collaborations between musicians and filmmakers. After… Read more »

Five TIFF Filmmakers Who Play it Short

Sometimes it’s difficult to see beyond the flashing bulbs, glitz, and glamour of a high-profile film festival like the Toronto International Film Festival, or TIFF. There’s no shortage of star power and tent-pole films. Even the top indie features have to fight to get noticed and are the unsung heroes of festivals. There’s another kind… Read more »

John Madden Acts His Age

Director John Madden, who started out in producing British television, has made a name for himself across the pond helming films such as Shakespeare in Love, Proof and more recently, The Debt. Now, his latest film, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a hit in the UK, is set to open across North America on May… Read more »

Redemption Hunters

In The Hunter, Willem Dafoe plays Martin, a mercenary who is sent from Europe by a mysterious biotech company to the Tasmanian wilderness on a hunt for the last Tasmanian tiger, something that most people believe does not exist. There, he discovers something even more precious than the tiger. Directed by Australian Daniel Nettheim, the… Read more »