Author: Neil Kendricks

Neil Kendricks is a San Diego-based artist and filmmaker. His short films, Memory Lines and Suspension, are on the film-festival circuit. He is currently in production on his feature-length documentary, Comics Are Everywhere!

Articles Written by Neil Kendricks:

Sundance Coverage: The Fire This Time

PARK CITY, Utah — Filmmaker Justin Chon scored a coveted spot in the NEXT section of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival as a triple threat—the actor-writer-director behind the low budget, indie comedy-drama Gook. With its kitchen-sink realism and cinematographer Ante Cheng’s moody, black-and-white camerawork, the filmmaker’s quasi-autobiographical film stems from his childhood memories about his… Read more »


All for One, One for All: Laps

PARK CITY, Utah — It takes a small army or village of dreamers united by a common purpose to create a short film with something relevant to say. This hard-won lesson has been taken to heart by writer-director Charlotte “Charlie” Wells, producer Joy Jorgensen, and editor Blair McClendon. This posse of three filmmaking musketeers, enrolled in… Read more »


A Love Triangle in Hell

PARK CITY, Utah — Most filmgoers don’t expect to see a Shakespearean tragedy of love, redemption, and the threat of death unfold against the backdrop of prisoners communicating through sign language in the Dominican Republic’s overpopulated Najayo prison. But these clever slights of talking hands expressing barely suppressed emotions are precisely what festival-goers witnessed while… Read more »

Sundance 2016: Where Black Lives Matter

PARK CITY, Utah – Every once in a very long while, a special film or series of movies capture the zeitgeist with a sense of urgency and spot-on timing. At the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, a small gauntlet of potent, new independent films dared to put black faces and lives front and center at a… Read more »

Sundance 2015 – Underdogs On Parade

Park City, UTAH — Every year, the Sundance Film Festival commissions a series of new promotional videos to play before the main features to celebrate the festival’s volunteers and other unsung heroes of the popular, annual 10-day showcase to independent film that takes over Park City in late January. In this year’s amusing promo spot, an… Read more »

Sundance 2015 – Robert Redford + George Lucas = Inspiration

Park City, UTAH — One of the hottest tickets at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival wasn’t on any of the multiple screens peppered throughout the historic, mining town-turned-Mecca for independent filmmakers and committed cinephiles alike. Instead, a capacity audience of festival-goers filled the 285-seat Egyptian Theatre for January 29th’s Power of Story: Visions of Independence… Read more »

Artifacts from Cinematic Heaven and Hell: The Kubrick Cult Moves to TIFF

This article was originally published on June 5th 2013, Stanley Kubrick: the exhibition can now be seen as part of the Toronto International Film Festival between October 31st 2014 to January 25th 2015. Cinephiles and art lovers alike who will make the trek to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to see the popular… Read more »

Sundance 2014: Three Films Disturb the Peace

Park City, UTAH — Rocking the boat is practically a pastime for the most adventurous films at the Sundance Film Festival, which turned the big 3-0 this year. Robert Redford’s annual indie-film oasis served up a sporadically subversive, all-you-can-see buffet, delivering jolts of smart storytelling and provocative themes—if you knew where to look. Sure, Hollywood’s… Read more »

Sundance 2014: Animators Pump New Visions into Documentary Aesthetic

Park City, UTAH — Animation is the new trend, changing the rules of documentary filmmaking with pencil and paper, computers, and a surplus of imagination. The writing on the wall—or drawings in this case—is that the old methods of relying on knowledgeable talking heads and archival footage to drive a non-fiction film are no longer… Read more »

Sundance 2013: Documentaries Depict Life, Raw and Unplugged

PARK CITY, Utah – It’s a safe bet that most documentaries won’t make the leap from the film-festival circuit to a multiplex near you. But if a powerful documentary has the right stuff—an intoxicating mixture of compelling subject matter, unique characters and enough luck to connect with festival programmers and audiences alike at the Sundance… Read more »