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Nikki Chase is a freelance writer in Boston and the associate editor at the Independent. Her work has appeared in New England Film, Bay Windows and 10Best, as well as several local publications including her celebrity blog for the Boston Examiner. She can be contacted at

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10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2011

It’s time for our annual 10 Filmmakers to Watch list. We’ve pooled our resources and brainpower to get the scoop on who’s who this year. This list brings together filmmakers of all backgrounds and media, including animation, shorts, Web series, narrative features and documentaries. Some of the names are already familiar to our site, while… Read more »

10 to Watch in 2010… Plus Five Runners-Up

Choosing The Independent’s 10 to Watch is like trying to predict the future, or the stock market, or the weather in New England. The films on this list are in all stages of production and the filmmakers range from seasoned professionals to debut artists. So you might wonder how we named this particular group. How,… Read more »

Distributor FAQ: Vanessa Domico of Outcast Films

Vanessa Domico was tired of seeing too few LGBT films, so she drew on her expertise as a film distributor and founded Outcast Films. Outcast Films focuses on politically-charged issues like gay marriage and meth addiction, to intimate explorations of sexual identity and self-acceptance. Since its founding in November 2004 and public launch the following… Read more »

10 Filmmakers to Watch In 2009

From first-time directors to Fulbright Scholars and Oscar nominees these filmmakers should not be missed in 2009. With a flood of suggestions from peers, film scholars, critics and organizations such as the Sundance Institute and the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, The Independent has compiled a list of “10 filmmakers to watch” with films slated… Read more »

Distribution by Wal-Mart

Jeremy Dean found a dusty VHS tape tucked away in the basement of a historical society and was captivated by its the black and white footage of the civil rights struggle. “As I sat alone watching Dr. King speaking to a packed church and the demonstrators fearlessly marching for freedom, it became a key that… Read more »

Distributor FAQ: Talking to Oli Harbottle of Dogwoof Pictures

Already a successful London-based distribution company, Dogwoof has launched its own DVD store, an independent distribution site called Dogwoof Indie (which allows filmmakers to keep all rights to their film), and Dogwoof TV, a platform that brings independent movies from the web to the television (in conjunction with blinkx BBTV). Oli Harbottle, the release coordinator… Read more »

Money Issues: Funding an Independent Film

Long before filmmakers begin production, they face the daunting task of scraping together enough money to get their film off the ground. Choosing the right method of funding relies on many factors, including the type and subject of the film, and the experience behind the cast and crew involved in the project. Funding can come… Read more »

Image shows a scene from Alex Karpovsky's "Woodpecker"

Alex Karpovsky’s “Woodpecker”: The Perfect “Ficumentary”?

Filmmaker Alex Karpovsky is sure to leave reviewers scrambling for a dictionary in an attempt to define the hybrid genre of his latest film, “Woodpecker”. His style expands on the distinct technique of his first feature, “The Hole Story”, which earned him a spot in Filmmaker magazine’s 2006 “25 New Faces of Independent Film” and… Read more »