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Steven Abrams is a writer living in Austin, Texas.

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SXSW 2013: Next Tech and Young Actors Rule

For many, what makes SXSW unique is the way the festival is a collision of technology, music, and film. For nine days, the sometimes disparate worlds of techies, filmmakers, and musicians warily rub elbows and in some cases combine into a potent stew of innovation and creativity. This isn’t a heavy handed gimmick of the… Read more »

SXSW 2013 Preview: The Familiar and the Unexpected

In the next few days, the eyes of much of the film world will be on Austin, Texas. Specifically, filmmakers, fans, producers, first-time directors, distributors, actors, industry insiders, and film fest newbies will be focusing their attention on the more than 250 films screening at this year’s SXSW Film Festival. Over its 19-year history, SXSW… Read more »

The Dallas VideoFest Turns 25

In the 25 years since the Dallas VideoFest began, annual film festivals have become an accepted occurrence in most cities. Festivals like Sundance and South By Southwest have even become part of mainstream popular culture, and new niche festivals seem to sprout up every year. When the festival opens this September 27th, it may be… Read more »

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Getting to Know Maryland Film Festival

The Maryland Film Festival (MFF) is a regional film festival that takes place annually in Baltimore, Maryland, this year from May 3-6. Entering its 14th year, the festival is known as a filmmaker friendly experience that reflects the character and atmosphere of its host city. The Independent’s Steven Abrams caught up with Eric Cotten, a… Read more »

Lindsay Utz, editor of “Bully,” Wins Karen Schmeer Editing Fellowship

During the 2012 SXSW Film Festival Award Ceremony, the Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship was awarded to Lindsay Utz. The fellowship continues the legacy and honors the memory of respected film editor Karen Schmeer (Fast, Cheap & Out of Control, The Fog of War), and is meant to foster the careers of up-and-coming film editors…. Read more »

SXSW 2012: Where Transformation is the Norm

Over the last 25 years, South by Southwest has transformed from a music festival to the now familiar South by Southwest Interactive, Film, and Music Festival with 2012 additions SXSW Edu, which focuses on innovations in learning, and SXSW Eco, which focuses on environmental sustainability. Funny was also new in 2012, as SXSW shined a… Read more »

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Beyond a Social Network

South by Southwest (SXSW) has become a convergence of film, interactive media, and music, as the lines between these media have increasingly blurred. So it’s appropriate that David Dworsky and Victor Köhler’s documentary, Press Play Pause, was chosen for an opening night premiere. The film examines the impact of technology on music and film, and… Read more »

The Show Must Go Green

Miranda Bailey’s recent film-within-a-film documentary, Greenlit, portrays the hopes and eventual challenges of making the production of The River Why “green.” There’s an initial hope that making the Why production eco-friendly is doable, and even money-saving. They’ve hired a sustainability consultant, the initiative is coming from the producer, and Bailey even watches Al Gore’s An… Read more »

The Film Must Go Green

Sustainable Filmmaking Workshop Panelists: Miranda Bailey – Director, Greenlit Lauren Selman – Reel Green Media Eva Radke – Film Biz Recycling World premiering at SXSW 2010, Miranda Bailey’s documentary, Greenlit, portrays the hopes and eventual challenges of making the production of The River Why “green.” There is a moment at the beginning of Bailey’s documentary… Read more »

Taking the Temp of SXSW 2010

The fact that Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker made its US premiere one year ago at SXSW upped the intrigue this year, prompting me to wonder if one of 2010’s 134 features or 126 shorts would achieve that rarefied status. SXSW 2010 included films featuring some Hollywood heavyweights, from Bill Murray, Robert Duval, and Sissy… Read more »